Structured Gel Mani

ideal for clients who want to add protection, strength & colour/art (optional) to their nails
to help grow or maintain their length and prevent breakage, peeling or splits.


A refillable, soft gel overlay, plus gel polish. The gel is quite flexible, so this is recommended for “active” length nails or shorter.


A thin layer of structure gel is applied to the nail and cured under an LED lamp. The gel will cover and even out any roughness on the surface of the nail (such as ridges, grooves or indentations). It will also add a layer of strength and protection to the nail for 2-3 weeks or more. Once cured, the gel is finish filed to ensure a smooth and natural look that blends nicely with your natural nail.

Natural Look:

If a very natural and basic look is desired, the structure gel can be finished with a matte or gloss top coat.
There is also a large range of nude and neutral colours to choose from, if you prefer just “a little more”.

With Colour:

If it’s colour you’re after, this service includes application of Gel Polish (aka Shellac) which is a hybrid between regular nail polish and gel. It is applied similarly to regular nail polish but once the colour and top coat have cured under an LED lamp, it is completely dry and will last for at least 2-3 weeks, depending on your lifestyle.


If wanting to maintain the structure gel overlay, refills are recommended every 2-3 weeks. The colour will be filed off, leaving the layer of structure gel still intact and protecting the nail. The natural nail regrowth will then be gently and properly prepared for product application, and more structure gel will be added to cover the new nail growth. The process from here will be much the same as the initial application.

Refill vs Soak Off:

I recommend refilling rather than soaking off and starting fresh each time, as it eliminates unnecessary exposure of the nails/fingers to acetone. IT also means that the thin protective layer of gel remains on the nails as they grow out, greatly reducing the risk of damage to the nails during maintenance appointments.


The gel can be safely soaked off after filing it down to a thin layer if the client is not wanting to maintain regular refills.


Application on bare nails $55
Refills $55
Removal $30