Welcome to Nails By Shel

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A clean, relaxing and welcoming home salon with a private, one-on-one service.
Zone out, unwind and get a little “Me time” away from the daily grind.

My goal is to make you love your nails as much as I do.

Nails are much more than just keratin (a hardened protein) at the end of your fingertips, they are an extension of your personality and style.
Having nicely manicured nails really adds to your overall presentation and has a big impact on the first impression you give when meeting new people or going for a job interview.
Getting your nails done is a great way to pamper yourself and makes you feel glamorous. A fresh set of nails can really boost your mood as well as your confidence.

Gift vouchers are also available if you’re looking to treat a special someone.

You can rest assured that your nails are in the right hands with Nails By Shel.
Great care is always taken to keep your natural nails as healthy as possible, whilst making them look as pretty as possible at the same time.