For removal of product applied by Nails By Shel, please see the relevant service page.

If you have some product on your nails from another salon that needs to be removed, I can remove it for you safely and carefully. Please never attempt to remove it yourself by picking or peeling the product off, as this will damage your natural nails and leave them thin, weak and tender. After removal, I would recommend an IBX Treatment which is $15 as an add-on service, especially if your nails have been over-filed by the previous technician (or yourself) and/or you aren’t going to have new enhancements applied.

I would also advise frequent application of cuticle oil for at least the first 24 hours after removal, and then daily after that to help keep the nail plate moisturised and prevent breakage. (Dry nails are brittle and will break easily, so the more hydrated you can keep. Your nails, the more flexible they’ll be and therefore bend further before they reach the breaking point).

Acrylic / SNS / Gel / Shellac Removal (applied by another salon) $45

For removal of acrylic, SNS, builder gel, shellac or gel polish applied by another salon, the product will be filed down to a very thin layer, and then safely soaked off using acetone.
Note: If you think you might have product on your nails which contains MMA, please see below.
(some key indicators are yellowing of the acrylic over time, unusually low prices, and a very hard and rigid enhancement).

Removal With Other Service(s) $40

For removal of product applied by another salon, alongside another service such as Hard Gel.

MMA Acrylic Removal $55

Many discount salons in Australia use nail monomer containing MMA (methyl methacrylate), which is a bonding agent that sets much faster than EMA (ethyl methacrylate) and results in a much more rigid enhancement. (This is not necessarily a good thing!)
Acrylic enhancements created with MMA monomer are very difficult to remove. They are extremely impervious to acetone, making soak-off virtually impossible, and in addition to this, the product is super hard which makes filing the product a very lengthy process. Because of this, MMA nails are often pried off using a plastic tip or other tool which causes damage to the nail plate and is not acceptable! It can take up anywhere to 2 hours to safely remove this product.