Your natural nails – only better!


IBX is the first treatment of its kind. It works INSIDE the nail plate (not on top) to repair, toughen & protect the nail. The product, which contains highly penetrating oils (jojoba and highly purified avocado), penetrates into the top layers of your nail plate and forms permanent bonds there, improving nail plate integrity.


IBX is applied to the nail and then exposed to a gentle heat (approx 40°C) to help the product penetrate into the nail plate. It is then cured under an LED lamp, creating a permanent bond within the nail. This process is repeated 2-3 times, depending on the condition of the nail. The treatment is permanent, and the product remains within your natural nail as it grows out.

For Natural Nail Growth:

After treatment, nails are usually noticeably stronger and visibly improved. Treatments for natural nail growth are recommended every 2-3 weeks for best results, as the effects are cumulative. However, even a once off service will do wonders for your nails for up to 3 months.

Results may vary depending on the condition of the nails before application.

As A Foundation For Enhancements:

As well as being an amazing treatment for natural nail growth, IBX can also provide a great foundation for nail enhancements as it ensures the nail plate integrity. Nail enhancements such as gel polish or hard gel can be applied immediately after treatment if desired.


Initial Treatment $30
Follow Up Treatments $25
Add On To Another Service $15