Hard Gel

recommended for clients who want to add length to their nails,
or who have a lifestyle that demands stronger wear than a Structured Gel Mani.


similar to “acrylic” nails (which usually refers to liquid and powder acrylic). Hard gel is still acrylic-based, but is slightly more flexible and therefore more gentle on the natural nail, and less prone to lifting. It is also odourless (unlike liquid & powder acrylic) meaning no strong odours during your appointment. You can choose to add length to your natural nails or simply overlay your existing length and let them grow out.


The hard gel, which has a honey-like consistency, is applied to the nail and cured under an LED lamp. If adding length, a nail form (a specially-designed sticker) is temporarily attached to your fingertip to create a platform on which to apply the gel and sculpt an extension of your desired shape and length. Once cured, the gel becomes hard and the nail form is removed. After the product has been applied and cured, the enhancement is finish filed to perfect the shape and length, and gel polish is applied. Once the colour and top coat have cured under an LED lamp, your nails are completely dry and will last for at least 2-3 weeks, depending on your lifestyle.


Refills are recommended every 2-4 weeks to rebalance the nail, ensuring the strength and structure is where it needs to be. The colour/design will be carefully filed off, leaving a thin layer of hard gel still intact. The natural nail regrowth will then be gently and properly prepared for product application, and more hard gel will be added to fill in the new nail growth. Once cured, the enhancement is finish filed to perfect the structure, shape and length, and the same or a different colour/design is applied.


hard gel is non-porous, meaning that acetone is unable to penetrate the product in order to soak it off.
Therefore, it must be filed down to a thin layer, and then carefully and gently buffed off the nail.


new set with extensions $75
overlay / refills $65
Removal $35